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I've worked with Marije in growing the developer team at Crowdynews. In this period we had some challenging vacancies, but Marije was always able to find suitable candidates and get them interested. She also was part of the hiring process, facilitating the interviews and always showed good insight in people and what makes them tick. She's very pleasant to work with and always brings a lot of enthusiasm. Combined with her insight and understanding of people and her experience in recruiting, this made the entire hiring process a breeze.

Jorrith SchaapProduct Director

Marije from the start has been very friendly, open and professional. It made the process of being hired and making a career switch relaxing, fluid and easy-going. The steps and ease of which both personal and professional concerns or questions were addressed made a big impact in making the decisions i did. Even after making the leap the way i was integrated into the company with Marije was very welcoming and a great experience.

Scott JonesFrontend Developer

We worked together in several recruitment process where we were looking for very specific profiles, and Marije did an excellent job in sourcing and interviewing candidates. Her interpersonal skills in addition to her professionalism, deliver a high standard performance. Marije is basically a person who gets things done, very social, enthusiastic and professional.

Alberto Gonzalez OteroDirector of Customer Success

Marije is a very professional individual that made my recruitment and integration into the Crowdynews team a smooth process. Her openness an good spirits influenced the atmosphere within the company to be more relaxed and friendly.

Damian PodareanuAI specialist

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